About Us



Neway has always been the leader in the Karaoke industry for more than 20 years in Hong Kong. To broaden our horizon, we stay up-to-date with the industry trend in order to upgrade our service and make it best of the best. The Group has always adhered to the philosophy of "lifelong learning, people-oriented" management, encourage employees to engage in advanced studies in order to upgrade themselves. We maintain our innovation ability and emphasize the management concept of delegation through organizational learning. Delegation is important for improving efficiency and increasing the job satisfaction of employees, hence increasing the sense of belonging at the same time.

Our mission is to provide mass consumers with healthy and quality entertainment services. We pursuit of excellence, introduce innovative services to let customers to have the best entertaining experience.On the other hand, as a positive and healthy enterprise, we committed to social service, therefore we also encourage colleagues to actively participate in volunteer service to fulfill corporate social responsibility. We hope this simple action can help to build a cohesive society.

Through organising and participating in different charity events, we help those vulnerable kids, teenagers and elderly. Neway has been a partner in the "Caring Company" organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 12 consecutive years. This award recognize our effort on providing a friendly working environment which is without discrimination, hiring the vulnerable in order to make their living. Moreover, we provide training for staff to develop an environmentally responsible culture and increase their awareness of continuous improvement in protecting the environment.

With a set of visionary marketing strategies in mind, Neway is marching ahead to extend our market share beyond our existing thirty branches in the Asia Pacific Region.

Pledged to “Lifelong Improvement and Innovation”, it is always our goal to indulge every Neway customer in a superior quality karaoke experience.






To be the market leader in Karaoke industry


To be competent Karaoke enterprise with infinite potentialities and client-oriented service, in order to provide mass consumers with healthy and quality entertainment services

Historical Background:

Originated in Japan, the Karaoke entertainment became widespread all over Hong Kong in the 90s. Most Karaokes were operated then as a side business of bars and lounges, without individual guest rooms, Neway Group grasped the opportunity and established the first Neway Karaoke Box located at Harbour Crystal Centre, Tsimshatsui 1993. Initially Neway’s outlets were located at major commercial areas, it was gradually expanded to cover other suburban residential areas with the increasing popularity among Hong Kong consumers.
From the introduction of K-Buffet in 2000, to the acquisition of Advance Karaoke Limited, we are dedicated to innovative service delivery with our “Lifelong improvement and innovation” philosophy, Neway is stepping ahead as the market leader. The “CEO” brand name and K-Fun Loyalty Programme was established in 2003, together with improvements on decoration and audio systems, we aimed to provide our customers with five-star catering and services.
Sponsored concerts with positive messages to the youths and charity events are organized regularly to enhance our ever-rising brand value and business performance. The acquisition of the California Red Group in 2010 made us became the market leader with public attention. In recent years, Neway has been actively extending our coverage over the Southeast Asia regions.
Our visionary strategies and diversified development made us a competent Karaoke enterprise with infinite potentialities. Numerous industry awards has been bestowed upon Neway during over past 20 years, as public recognitions of our achievements in providing healthy and quality entertainment services.





To provide the best karaoke service to customers, Neway is committed to enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction. Our award -winning customer service is recognized by professional accreditation bodies and customers. In 2004, all the outlets and our head office has acquired the ISO 10002:2004 Certification of Complaint Handling, ISO 9001:2008 Certification of Quality Management System and Certification of Service Quality Management. Those three certificate recognise the outstanding performance on our quality karaoke service, system, audio-visual equipment and customer service. Moreover, Neway has been awarded the Top Service Brand Ten Years Achievement Awards by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council for recognising the excellent performance on brand building and ongoing effort on service enhancement.

Devoted to the philosophy of “Lifelong Improvement and Innovation”, Neway adopted the 5-S methodology and safety, hygiene, quality, efficiency and brand value are set as our 5 directives to enhance efficiency and control operating costs. To promote creativity among staff, on-the-job training courses are provided.





Neway has been adopted “learning organization concept, collective wisdom is one of our core value. We encourage employees at all levels to share their opinion through discussion for reaching the best solution. We believe that we work together for the best results.

Therefore, we encourage employees at all levels to express their opinion through different forms of communication in order to resolve problems and difficulties. Hence, reaching out the final decision and corresponding solution/policy. We strive for innovation and excellent service. The scope of questions encompasses to management level, new product innovation, operation cost, daily operation and so on. By doing so, management personnel can understand more about the difficulties and needs of staffs, and it facilitates the communication of innovative ideas and opinions within the organization.

We will continue the practice of two way communication and the spirit of continuous learning which enables us to make use of different points of view to improve and optimize our services.





From 2015 to now, Neway has been a partner in the "Caring Company" organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 12 consecutive years. To become one of the “Caring Company”, company must fulfill six criteria, including volunteering, employee and their family’s wellness, employing the vulnerable, successful implementation of environmental protection practices, mentoring and giving.

We are keen on organising and participating in charity events and community services, in order to help those who are in need in the society, especially low income group, teenagers and elderly. Activities include sponsoring low income family, children and teenagers to have different kinds of event at outlets, organising anti-drug campaign with Hong Kong Christian Service, promoting fight crime and anti-drug message in outlets(eg. showing anti-drug TVC, posting anti-drug poster), providing equal opportunities to the vulnerable group, placing donation boxes at outlets.

Furthermore, Neway always spreading the message of “helping other is the source of happiness”, we set up volunteer service group to participant in several charity events, like Walk for Millions, flag selling, visiting elderly and so on. We encourage our colleagues to participant in volunteer services and provide sponsorship to support Hong Kong Association of Youth Development’s campaign. We encourage youngsters to be social minded and help those less fortunate around the world, having positive attitude toward their life.